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Ettore Piss Slave : Gay blog for perverted minds only!
+18 only or 21 if so for the legal age in your country. Most of the pictures are not from me (some are...). if it is yours and you want to remove it, juste sent me ane.mail and I'll remove it in the minute. For the rest, my interests are
First of all : Real men
And mostly on Tatoos and piercing, piss watersports and gingers.
And other stuff like that.... (Skinheads, Leather, Fisting, BDSM). And other surprises!
This will feature nudity, sex, and general filth totally inappropriate for the eyes of anyone under 18 or 21. All images are borrowed and I claim no ownership of any photos. If you find an image you have the rights to and need it removed, just let me know and I will take it down.

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